TOP 10!! White Water Adventure


Koskenlaskua kuusamo myllykoski

10 best rapids, including lunch, 5 hours tour

We have put together the best pieces of the Kitkajoki River for this adventure. Our trip starts from the lively village of Käylä.

We are equipped with modern and high-quality equipment suitable for water sports. Canoeing suits, neoprene slippers, life jackets and a helmet are mandatory equipment.

For the first 2 hours of our trip, we enjoyed the rapids at the top of the Kitkajoki River, which can be found in 7 tracks, grade I-III. Stunning scenery and good training prepare us for the future and bigger turmoil.

Before heading to Oulanka National Park, we enjoy a daily changing delicious lunch at, in the wilderness restaurant. After a lunch break, it’s a  time to go towards the larger rapids.

There are three more K-18 class rapids left, the most spectacular of which are Myllykoski, and Aallokkokoski, which is the last and spectacular culmination of the trip for a perfect day.

This nearly one-kilometer-long wet explosion is guaranteed to make you forget all your everyday worries.

After Aallokkokoski, we hit high fives and go to see Jyrävä, which is already in the class that it is better to watch it from the shore.

From there we walk about 1.5 km to car, from where the transport back to Käylä.


Duration of the trip: 5 hours

Price: 99 € / adult / 10 Rapids.

It is also possible to end the trip for lunch if you do not want to or are not old enough to continue on the K-18 rapids.

In this case the price is: 65€ / adult,  45 € / under 12 years. Includes 7 rapids at the top of the Kitkajoki river, lunch and transportation to Käylä

For more information and reservations :

E-mail: varaukset@kuusamonmatkailu.com

Tel. 044 9857098



DSC_6184 (3)



Midnight sun rafting




Best way to spend Finnish summer night

Daily 9.30 pm. From Käylä Village. Until end of July

Join us to unforgettable adventure  to Finnish nightless night. Bright nights, midnight sun, calm lakes, silence and sound of white water take us from Käylä village to Juuma.

Our journey starts from Käylä, Leenan Koskitupa. After dressing up, we jump to raft and after short lesson we are ready to challenge Kitka river rapids. We will have 7 different rapids on our trip. From rate 1 to rate 3. Our trip end`s to Village Juuma.

From Juuma we have transportation back to Käylä.


Age limit for this trip is 5 Years

Price: 60€ / adult   40€ / child 5-12 v.

Duration : ~ 2,5h

Bookings/more information:

Phone: +358 44 98 570 98

Email : varaukset@kuusamonmatkailu.com




Whitewaters of Kitka




Fun for whole family 

Daily 10.00, 15.00, 18.00

Bring your family and join with us for immemorial experience.

This trip is made of fun, laughter and excitement. Could be, that you might have nice face wash by fresh and clean water of Kitka river.

This trip even swimming is a loud. Trip starts from Village Käylä. There we will meet you and take to dressed up.

After short lesson, we are ready for an adventure. During a rafting we will get wet in seven different rapids. Rate from 1 to 3. Rapids get bigger, what  further we go.


Journey end`s to Village Juuma, from there is transportation back to Käylä.


Price: 45€/adult  20€/ child 5-12v.

Duration ~ 2,5 h

Bookings/ More information:

Phone: +358 44 9857 098

Email :  varaukset@kuusamonmatkailu.com



Full day white water rafting


Koskenlaskua kuusamo myllykoski

Beauty of river Kitka

Daily 10am.

This full day excursion will show you one of the best parts of Finnish nature.

From Käylä village, through Oulanka National Park to Russian boarder. During this journey you will see and feel most  incredible landscape. Big lakes, many rapids and amazing nature.

Just before we get to the National Park, we will enjoy nice lunch at wilderness restaurant. After lunch we will find the biggest rapids of our trip. Before the end of the tour we will have also small snacks. Trips ends just before Russian boarder, from there we will have transportation back home.

Ask also pick up and drop off service.

DSC_6184 (3)

Duration ~ 9 hours

Price: 165€/person  min. 4 person

Price includes: Guide service, Rafting equitments, incurance, lunch, snacks, transfer from Russian boarder.

Booking/more information:

+358 44 985 7098







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