Winter programs 2020-2021



This unforgettable Husky tour takes just you and your family, or friends to Private Husky Safari. You could choose 5km, 10km or 20km long drive through snowy forest and over the frozen lakes. After ride you will enjoy warm drinks around a open fire in a hut. There guide will tell you interesting stories about huskies and you get to know them better.

If you don`t like to go in big groups and if you like more private service, from start to finish, this program is made for you. size is 4 

We will pick you up from your accommodation and then we drive about 30 minutes by car to husky farm

Duration and prices:

5km. 1,5 hours. 136€/adult 82€/ child

10km. 2,5 hours 168€/adult 95€/child

20km. 4 hours 198€/adult 125€/child





Ice-Fishing needs long nerves, patience and good luck. If you have all these, you are ready for to catch biggest fish from the frozen lake.

We could catch, Perch, Pike, Roach and Whitefish. If we get some fish, we will cook them for you, even if we don`t catch anything you will taste local fish, fried or smoked.

Coffee,hot chocolate and tea we have too. We travel to our summer cottage by the lake and back by Minibus.

No age limits!!

Duration 3 Hours
More information and bookings:
Phone: +358 44 9857098

Price: 55€/Adult 30€/Child

Everyday at 12pm.



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We take you to local Reindeer farm, by heated panorama wagon which is pulled by snowmobile. On the way to Reindeer farm you could enjoy beautiful landscape, snowy forest, frozen lakes.

In Reindeer farm you have nice experience a 1,5 km long Reindeer ride. After ride you will hear interesting stories about Reindeer herding and Sami people.

We enjoy warm drinks and small snacks around open fire.


Price: 99€/Adults 79€/Child’s

Duration: 2 Hours

Everyday at 12.00, ask also another times.

More information and bookings:
Phone: +358 44 9857098






Visit the local Reindeer farm and see the adorable Reindeer!!

Today you will meet a local reindeer herder and his reindeer! That visit is one of the top memories for our visitors. At the reindeer farm you will learn interesting information about the reindeer and the life of a reindeer herder and Sámi culture. There will also be a possibility for a short reindeer sledge ride during your visit at the farm.


This guided trip will be made by car.


Before leaving we enjoy coffee and bun at farm

Duration: 2 hours
Price: 65€/Adult 50€/Child
More information and bookings:
Phone: +358 44 9857098


Have a nice day with Finland  northern animals. The only Polar bears in Finland live here. Ranua Zoo have 50 species.

Duration: 7 hours

Group size: max. 8 persons

Price: 350€/Group, transfer only





Do you like to see Finland most highest frozen waterfalls? Now you have change!!

We take you to Korouoma, to Posio, Lapland. Its one and half hour drive from Kuusamo/Ruka. There we have 5,5 km. walk by narrow path, to frozen walls.  If we are lucky we might see some ice-climbing groups there. We enjoy warm drinks and snacks around open fire.


Duration: 5-6 hours

Price: 99€/person

Group size: min.4 pax. max.12 pax.

More information and bookings:
Phone: +358 44 9857098




National Park Riisitunturi is well know about “Tykkytrees”. This magical winter wonder land. Located at Posio, Lapland. Only 35km. from Ruka.

Lets put snowshoes on and hit the road. Do you find there, Mammoth, or maybe Yeti? When you do, take a photo, otherwise no one doesn`t be leave.

Snowshoe hike is about 4.3 km.  On the top of Riisitunturi, we enjoy warm drinks and snacks around open fire.

Duration: 5 hours

Price: 89€/Person. Min.4 pax. max. 12 pax.

More information and bookings:
Phone: +358 44 9857098



4 thoughts on “Winter programs 2020-2021

  1. We have enjoyed our northern lights expedition enormously and we were Lucky and thrilled to see the northern light actually. Thank you Sami and Mita, you are wonderful hosts. Your enthousiasm and hospitality are great and we will never forget our trip with you to the lake with your snowmobil.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This company is 100% legitimate . January 24 2019 we did the 10pm northern light tour. They found us lights right away, let us stay as long as we wanted and we took some amazing photos, I would highly recommend this tour company and the clear wagon they use was unique and comfortable. We actually stayed out a little longer than the 3 hrs that was described in the brochure and they were so kind to take us back to our cabin in Kuusamo afterwards. Take this company and make your northern lights dream come true, we are happy we did!
    Thank you for the fantastic memories 👍👍👍👍👍
    Marty and Dona. USA

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We booked a northern light tour for March 17th (Sunday). As the chances did look great for that day Sami already contacted us in the afternoon to reschedule the program as the forecast was better for Tuesday and Wednesday. He came back to us on Tuesday saying that the chances were the best for that day. Even if we did not ask for a pickup in advance he came to our place to pick us up. On that night we were his only clients, so we ended up with a private tour. Hhe did really everything for us. He explained everything and gave us more insight and information about the northern lights. His friendly, welcoming and open personality made us feel very well straight away in the beginning of the tour.
    Eve if the sky cleared up during the night the lights did not show up. He offered us some very delicious sweets and home made carrot cake with hot drinks around the campfire in the middle of the forest. We cannot be grateful enough for everything he did for us. I truly wish him and his team lots of success in the future and I really do hope that as a super host he will have plenty of satisfied and happy clients as he is doing his best for the tourists.
    I know that several companies in and around Ruka are offering northern light tours but if you want something really special and unique then take the tour with Sami and his snowmobile wagon from where you will have an amazing look towards the night sky. Even if the lights won’t appear the tour is alone an unforgettable memory.

    All the best Sami!


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  4. 27/12/19

    We had an expedition booked for another night with another company, but we heard that our chances were better for that night so we decided to book another expedition and found a leaflet in the hotel. We are so happy we did!
    Sami and his wife were such great hosts!
    He came to meet us in the hotel and immediately he made us feel comfortable, he took us out away from the lights and we got to see the open sky with the beautiful starlight, that in itself was magical. We then went on to the hut where we kept warm around the fire and they brought snacks and a hot beverage. He explained what the different animal tracks were that we saw along the way. We didn’t have high hopes to see the northern lights as you can’t control nature but we did see them on our way back!
    We just want to say thank you to Sami and his wife for taking out and giving us this great experience.
    Definitely recommend them!


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